Toolbars, Add-Ons, Extensions and Plug-Ins programming for most popular Browsers - Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 Add-On, Mozilla Firefox extension, Google Chrome Plug-In, Safari extension as well as MS Office Add-Ins for MS Outlook, Word and Excel.
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Saravanakumar Founder, CEO TrenchStone writes on changing Industry Demographics...

TRENCHSTONE Pvt Ltd aims to become a leading Indian provider of complex IT solutions requiring high technological and engineering skills.

-Krishna Iyer, Director of IT TrenchStone.

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TrenchStone is a global software outsourcing company with head office in Bangalore, India. TrenchStone has representation in Chennai. TrenchStone production center is located in Bangalore & Chennai have lead to the growth of Information Technology (IT) and (ITES) in India.

TrenchStone was established in 2011. TrenchStone has project-oriented organizational structure. This means that the company management is built around project teams that are the primary cells of the company. This structure has a number of advantages in comparison with a standard department-oriented organizational structure. The project team is a self-managed team. The project flow is defined by the project implementation procedures and by customer requirements.

Our Relationship Management Model is the key to building bonds that provide ongoing business value to both the Client and TrenchStone. Built to manage client relationships in a well-defined, yet flexible, framework.

The Relationship Management (RM) model is a meticulously crafted program designed to maximize the returns from client relationships. The model addresses 5 key aspects of the relationship.

We at TrenchStone Offer

• IT consulting
• Software development, programming and design
• Software integration
• Application maintenance
• Re-engineering and migration

TrenchStone BPO

• Data Entry Services
• Data processing/conversion
• Inbound/Outbound Sales
• Voice Non-Voice
• Customer care

Over the last few years TrenchStone has strengthened this and has given the right tools for clients to effectively benefit from TrenchStone as a software services partner. The RI takes this governance and client relationship management to a new level.This gives clients the power of metrics based governance and index based performance tracking.

One of the key identifiers for TrenchStone is its client focus and relationship focus.

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